Private Clinics Registered

Private Clinics now can subscribe our Specimen Collection Service throughout Malaysia.

With more than 24 years experience in this field, we are well equipped with top class medical laboratory facilities, the first private medical laboratory certified with Biosafety Level 3, experienced Clinical Laboratory Scientists and lead by experienced Consultant Pathologists.

We have wide range of Laboratory Test which is monitored by internal and external Quality Control on every single test.

Our clients are from private’s and goverment’s hospitals and clinics all over Malaysia. ( Check our Laboratory Branches ).


To subscribe our Lab Test, please emel us at marketing@kpjlablink.com or call us at +603-4032 0000 ( Public Relation & Marketing Services ) 0r +603-4023 2800 ( Reference Business Centre ).


Please refer to Lablink Handbook for the comprehensive list of laboratory examinations offered by Lablink.


Lablink will provide dispatch service to collect specimens from your clinic.

Please call our collection hotlines at 03 – 4023 4588.

Our Customer Service will arrange dispatch service for you.

The collection hotlines are open during the following hours:

     Mon – Fri : 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

     Sat – Sun : 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

*After Office Hours or Public Holiday ( Please refer to our Sales Executive )

To facilitate prompt collection of specimens within the designated time period, please contact us for specimen collection as early as possible.


To ensure optimal specimen collection for the most accurate test results, please refer to the Lablink Handbook before collecting specimen from a patient.

Clearly indicate special requirements and special instructions.

Request forms and specimen containers must be labelled correctly to prevent errors in results reporting.

Request forms must include the following information:

1. Full name of patient

2. Patient’s identification number (NRIC or Passport No.)

3. Date of birth

4. Sex (male or female)

5. Source of specimen (if not blood)

6. Initial/signature of requesting doctor

7. Date and time of collection

8. Name of the patient’s attending Doctor/Consultant

9. Other relevant information, e.g. I.V. drugs administered

On the request forms, please indicate clearly the required test(s) to facilitate prompt processing of the specimen(s).

( Download forms here )


Please include the following information in the request form for the below tests:


1. Relevant clinical presentation

2. Intended antimicrobial use (laboratory will adopt a recommended list)

3. Specimen source or site

4. Please state the test required (e.g. culture, direct smear, gram stain etc)

Gynaecological Cytology (Pap Smear):

1. Origin of site (cervical, endocervical, vaginal, vault)

2. Last menstrual period (LMP)

3. Hormonal status (e.g. post-menopausal, pregnant, post-natal)

4. Exogenous hormone therapy (including birth control pills, treatment for endocrine-responsive malignancy, oestrogen creams)

5. Use of intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD)

6. Diethylstilbesterol (DES) exposure

7. History of abnormal cytology and gynaecological disorders 8. Date of last pap smear, if any.

9. Other relevant clinical findings or Patient concerns (e.g. discharge, itch, foul smell, bleeding, pain)


Examined samples are stored for a stipulated period of time according to internal protocols.

Additional test requests are to be made to Lablink Business Reference Centre ( 03- 4027 2800 ).

Please note that all additional tests are subject to the stability of the samples and suitability of the requested tests.


Test reports will be dispatched to clinics by our dispatch riders.

Clinics will receive two (2) copies of test report: one for patient and the other for clinician’s records.

All “Urgent” or “STAT” tests or request forms with “Fax Results” or “E-mel Results” will receive immediate attention.

We will contact you as soon as the results are ready.


Selected supplies such as specimen containers, formalin (histopathology specimens), fixative (cytology) and request forms are supplied free of charge.


1. Lablink will bill clinics at the end of each month for specimens collected by our dispatch service or patients sent to our laboratories.

2. Cheque payments must be made to “LABLINK (M) SDN BHD”.

3. Payments for walk-in patients may be made by cash, VISA or Mastercard.